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Here's What Some of Our Podcasters Are Experiencing

Our network, produced by the first and only podcast hosting company in New Jersey (aka, New Pod City, aka us) touches on everything from Christian theology to modern dating to women in business to British folklore and more. And our podcast hosts hail from everywhere - the Poconos, our home town of Trenton, the good ol’ Peach state, Georgia, and even England! You don’t put together this kind of wide group of opinionated, creative, hilarious and straight-up podcasters without getting people talking. And talk they have! Check out the shout-outs some of our network shows have scored, and while you’re at, head over to this page and see how to start your very own (talked about!) podcast.

All Press is...

DearSis Podcast

That’s right: good press! And it’s even better when the press recognizes that your kind of press (podcasts) lowers the entry cost to allow more voices to be out there in the press-o-sphere, making the overall press better. In Trentonian columnist Jeff Edelstein’s words: “Do you have an Internet connection? Then you too can broadcast your views into the world.” That’s just the type of hype you’d expect for Myrtha Jasmin (MJ), the ever cool, and ever honest, host of the DearSis podcast, where the weekly segment “I Gotta Vent!” is an invitation to turn up your volume and kick back with some old school hot takes on every topic under the sun that you won’t be sorry you heard.  

Click the image (or here) to read the article.

​Listen to the Dear Sis podcast in the SOCIETY & CULTURE section on the New Pod City Podcast Network.




They have Magazines in Georgia!

Verbal Smash PodcastYou know how we found out? Our pals Jason Bevill and Isaac Wilson, the devilishly funny and opinionated hosts of the Verbal Smash podcast made an appearance in Playgrounds Magazine straight outta Columbus, GA. Even though the article claims that “podcasts have been underrated in the entertainment world”, Jason and Isaac are out there, as they say, “crushing the norm” and proving that a customer service rep and an electrical supply salesman can produce an addictively entertaining podcast. We can already hear Jason thinking it’s typical that only snobby North-East D-bags like us would go ahead and assume that Georgia doesn’t have magazines. In our defense, though, Georgia is ranked #30 in public education (US News & World Report stat) so we may have a bit of a soap box to stand on.  Catch up on current events, Twitter trends and politics every Monday across the Mason-Dixon line with Jason and Isaac. Click here to read the article!

​Listen to the Verbal Smash podcast in the COMEDY section on the New Pod City Podcast Network.

Local Love

Trenton Waves PodcastWe hate it when people talk about gangs (for example)  in Trenton. So much in fact that we felt we needed to set the record straight when our local newspaper, The Trenton Downtowner, interviewed us about New Pod City and our home-grown podcast, "Trenton Waves". Click here or the image to read the article. Christina has always said, "People talk about gangs in Trenton. Gangs? This place is like Mayberry,” and you’d better believe she'll say it again. Christina and I have been in Trenton over 15 years, and it’s full of artists, restaurants, museums, festivals and the friendliest city people you’ll ever meet. That's what the podcast is all about - shining a light on all of that so everyone can stop being in the dark. The Downtowner and their writers are about that too, in an old-school newspaper kind of way. So we also talked about merging that local love with the new world of podcasts and how, if you create a show with consistency, member engagement and a monetizing focus, you can really make something worthwhile.



Fan Boy, Extraordinaire

Local Trenton personality and former New Pod City podcaster, Vont Leak, has been a hardcore Fan Boy of Jimmy Fallon since his infant years in the early 2000s. Hold tight, guys. People who were born in the 2000s are adults - adults who can vote and drive and appear on Jimmy Fallon. And it’s the extraordinaire in Vont that led him into living out his childhood dream of doing a bit with his longtime idol. This kid is not only the host of the Stay Woke podcast - he’s the CEO of Vont Leak Studios, a YouTube host on the show, "Late and In Color", and a voice on Brave New Radio, the free-thinking broadcast arm of William Paterson University. That knack for talent, celebrity and comedy landed Vont on a zoom call with Fallon recently, where he took part in a segment called “Talk Like Trump”. Video clip coming soon.


Sticking to Success

The Entrepreneurial Enclave podcast, with host Kevin Wortham, is now sponsored by one seriously successful businessman - CEO Ed Miller of Pro Tapes and Specialties, the largest manufacturer and innovator of premium tape products designed specifically for use in the Arts & Entertainment industry in the United States. If you've ever purchased a roll of duct tape at Lowe's or Home Depot, Pro Tapes probably made it. And if you’re wondering why your podcast doesn’t have a heavyweight sponsor like Pro Tapes, shoot us an email to talk about moving your show over to the New Pod City Network.

​Listen to the Entrepreneurial Enclave podcast in the BUSINESS section on the New Pod City Podcast Network.





Heard of the Emmy Awards?

The Entrepreneurial Enclave Podcast

Craig McGill sure has. He has one, for Outstanding Technical Team for his coverage of the Summer Olympics in London, England. This guy, owner of Five Peaks Media, is a powerhouse. He’s been in video and film production for 30 years and he’s worked on some networks you might have heard of - HBO, NFL, MLB, NFL, ABC, Al Jazeera America, BET, Bloomberg TV and really, just too many more to mention. He worked as the Director of Photography and Post Production Producer for the show “Living it Up with Patti LaBelle” and worked behind the scenes for The Oscars. The Entrepreneurial Enclave podcast had Craig on to hear just what his “5 Peaks” of success are. Sneak preview...the first four are vision, trust, loyalty, and wisdom. You’ll have to tune into the episode to hear what number 5 is. You can hear this particular episode by clicking here.  

​Listen to the Entrepreneurial Enclave podcast in the BUSINESS section on the New Pod City Podcast Network.


LIVE from New Jersey!

The 90-10 Rule Podcast

The host of the 90-10 Rule podcast, as well as the relationship guru himself, Anthony Miller, has a guest host joining him. All we can say right now is that she's one of the newest cast members of Saturday Night Live. Stay tuned for more info on that!   ​​​​

Listen to the 90-10 Rule podcast in the COMEDY section on the New Pod City Podcast Network.




















































New Pod City works within the framework of 5 related but individual Branches. If you already have a podcast with a different company, all of our other services are still available to you at affordable rates. Maybe you just need an intro produced, or artwork, or maybe you want to have a podcast strategy consultation with award-winning podcaster, Frank Sasso — Whatever your need is, New Pod City can help you. Please note: Not ALL of our services are included in ALL plans, however ALL of our services are available a la carte.

Recording Studio 

New Pod City recording studioNew Pod City has a state-of-the-art recording studio available for your podcast. Located at 247 East Front Street in Downtown Trenton, NJ, the studio is open from 5AM to 11PM, seven days a week. Podcasters can book their session online at New Pod City’s website. All they have to bring is an SD card to record on and they’re ready to go. The studio is equipped with 4 condenser microphones, 2 dynamic microphones, POP filters, Sound deadeners, headphones, 12 input mixer, cell phone recording, coffee, bottled water anda parking lot. Book your session(s) here.

One 2 hr Recording Session is $70.00. 
Bundle of 4 Sessions for $210.00 (a savings of $70.00) 



New Pod City is the first and only podcast hosting company in New Jersey, and calls the capital city of Trenton, its home. New Pod City provides the file hosting and RSS feed for your podcast. New Pod City houses your audio files, tells our hosting algorithm your show's details, and generates your feed. When a user subscribes to your feed (your podcast), New Pod City sends the audio files (and related media) to the user’s phone, mobile device or computer directly. New Pod City offers a variety of plans, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have a weekly podcast or daily shows, New Pod City is here to help. Our plans are listed here.



New Pod City’s award-winning production efforts are made available for your podcast in the form of artwork, intros, outros, promotions, audio drops, sweepers, jingles, sound effects, celebrity impressions, consultations and more. Anything that makes your show sound better falls into this category.



New Pod City gets your show on the popular podcast directories as well as the lesser known ones. Company policy is getting your show on every possible directory. New Pod City algorithms are constantly combing through the internet looking for the latest directories to submit your RSS feed to ensure your show is available everywhere podcasts are heard!



Podcasting is fun. Getting paid to podcast is a LOT of fun. As a New Pod City client, you’ll learn the different aspects of creating revenue streams with your show. New Pod City hosts many different shows. New Pod City loves podcasts and wants podcasters to succeed by earning income with their shows.

“We're living in a Golden Age. Anyone can just open up a laptop, jack in a mic, just start talking and before they even realize what's happened, they have a worldwide listening audience. 

YOU can be that person. New Pod City can help.”

- Frank Sasso
Mayor of New Pod City








Wikipedia defines PODCASTING as: "a digital medium consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, radio, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism and portmanteau derived from "broadcast" and "pod" from the success of the iPod, as audio podcasts are often listened to on portable media players."

Whew. That's a mouthful. I like to describe podcasting, simply, as Subscribable Internet Broadcasting.  My name is Frank Sasso and I'm the Mayor of New Pod City.

We're living in a golden age right now. You no longer have to go searching for content to listen to. You can sit down and create your own content. Your own show. You can create your own show! One of the things my team and I do is sit around and think about the kind of shows we would listen to and then, we just create them.

Maybe YOU want to do a show about relationships, how about one on finance? You can sit down alone or with your friends, and create an atmosphere that people want to listen to and be a part of. Craft the show that you want to hear that doesn't exist out there and people will come around to it. 

frank sasso, new pod city, full slice podcast

There are some people who are like, "Boooo, the internet! It'll never be effective for entertaining or teaching people like television is!" That's not true. People still look down on the online world, they really do. I know. It sounds crazy, but there are STILL people that look down on it, however, more and more people are watching said television not even on their computers but their phones and yet, still, there are people that would say, "Yeah, but that's not really gonna work..."

Folks, I'm here to tell you: Now is the time to stake your claim online! There's really no one out there that is really doing a podcast that I want to listen to. Maybe 3 off the top of my head. I'm telling you, in a few short years, everyone who's poo-pooing the internet are going to want to jump on board and it'll be too late for them. More and more people have computers and iPads than they do TV's now. Why would anyone poo-poo the internet? The internet and podcasting is one of the most effective ways of getting to people.

​So, if you've always wanted to have a platform to entertain or teach, or preach, or discuss, or review, or give information and have never gotten the opportunity or the chance, you're an inch away from doing it.

​Don't let anyone tell you, "Oh, no one cares about that", or "well, you have to learn more", or whatever. Just start creating. Let your spirit express itself. Let it out. You have something to say and the technology is in your hands now.

podcast hosting nj, frank sasso, new pod city, podcasting nj​Don't think you have to sound like someone else either and don't let people try and shave off everything original about you. I talk fast and have a New York accent, but that will appeal to somebody! Don't let society tell you that you have to do the same thing that everyone else is doing. Your individuality is plenty.


- Frank