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Questions You May Have

Help! The upload page isn't working for me!

To make uploading to New Pod City as easy as possible, make sure you use the latest version of your browser (preferably Chrome) and the most recent Adobe Flash Plugin version. Also, make sure your mp3 file is BELOW 100mb. There are many free compression site sonline that will compress your file without losing sound quality. For example:  

Use the "GOOD COMPRESSION" section under the Quality tab.

What is an intro/outro?

Most podcasts have a piece of audio where a voice is introducing listeners to the host, explaining the theme of their podcast, and letting them know what to expect on today’s episode.

Some podcasts have an intro that they reuse throughout all of their episodes.

Some podcasts have this reusable intro as well as an episode-specific intro.

The outro is a way the host can sign off consistently. Again, there can be a reusable outro, an episode-specific outro, or both! The outro usually includes a point of action for the listener. You can ask your listeners to rate and review your podcast, let them know the name of your website, reference you social media links and thank them for listening.

The intro and/or outro is often recorded by a different voice introducing the host(s). If your podcast is more informal, the host can record the intro themselves and then flow into the episode. For more corporate/professional podcasts, another voice is typically used to introduce the host(s) and close out the episode. Both options can work depending on the style of your podcast.

The intro/outro is typically mixed with the music the podcaster chooses.

What is a podcast trailer?

A trailer for your podcast is similar to a movie or TV trailer. It gives a glimpse into your podcast and is a great asset to use for a successful launch.

Check out this trailer!

There are different strategies to make a trailer. Most of them are fairly short and around 2-3 minutes to hold your listeners’ attention.

You can record your trailer in one take OR you can incorporate clips from other episodes to provide specific sound bites listeners will expect to hear down the road.

We recommend the trailer being the first piece of audio that goes out to your listeners. It can be used as a great marketing tool to share on social media before the rest of your episodes are released.


What type of artwork should I use for my podcast cover art?

Once you have your artwork in place, it all starts to feel like you have a real podcast! 

We encourage new podcasters to take a minute and scroll through their favorite directory page (Pod AuthorityApple PodcastsStitcherTuneIn etc.) to get a feel for what inspires them.

There is no 100% right way to do this — but some artwork can look messy or hard to read.

We always encourage simple designs, sans-serif fonts, and high resolution photos (if applicable) to make sure your podcast can be seen in the small thumbnail.