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What does MIGRATE actually mean?

It means "to move from one country, place, or locality to another."

So, podcast migration would be moving your podcast from one hosting company to another hosting company. The whole goal with podcast migration is to create an exact replica of someone's existing podcast content and feed information in their new New Pod City account's feed location. It's a one-time deal. Once the podcast is moved over, any new shows get uploaded to New Pod City directly.

Why Switch?

Get unparalleled insights, powered by New Pod City
Improve your content using analytics from New Pod City as well as from our special relationship with one of the top podcast directories!

Focus more on creating, less on logistics
We can help with everything—from recording and hosting to promotion, distribution, monetization, and even trademarking!

You control your podcast
You own all of your content, always. During the switch, your podcast won’t experience any downtime, and you’ll keep all of your subscribers in the process.

You’ll notice a difference, but your listeners won’t notice a thing!

Import your episodes
Simply paste in your RSS feed, and we’ll import all of your episodes and metadata—no manual uploading required.

Redirect your feed
Redirecting will let your listeners hear new episodes, without affecting your subscribers on listening apps.

Start creating
Draft new episodes by uploading audio or using our built-in creation tools.