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PageTurn Editing

You started your podcast! Congratulations!

But what about the time consuming process of editing your shows, tagging the media files, and all of the other time consuming tasks that take away from what your Job #1 should be…awesome content creation.

With the new PageTurn™ Podcast Editing service, New Pod City can solve that very problem for you.

We do all of the heavy lifting from the first step of listening to your raw recording and discussing it with you to editing the episode to insure you sound amazing! Taking all of the busy work out of your hands allows you, the show host, to focus on just the most important thing for your show: Creating the Most Compelling Shows Out There!

Here's what we offer:

New Pod City Award-Winning Editing

We’ve all heard the podcast that’s just slightly too real and too raw. We’ve all heard the podcast that had more than a couple of distracting background noises. We’ve all heard the podcast that suffered from the frustrating (yet sometimes unavoidable) audio drift. We’ve all heard the lip smacks and throat clears that can make you cringe. So while there is something approachable, valuable and even attractive about more vulnerable or authentic sounding podcasts, the point is that even a little editing can go a long way. During New Pod City's editing process, your podcast will have all of the pauses, filler words, stutters, Ummms, Uhhhs, background noises, Page Turns and all other things that are distracting, removed. The result is smooth, polished content for your podcast that sounds really great. The truth is the editing process makes your podcast more listenable by removing all of the things that people don’t want to hear and frankly, the things you shouldn’t want other people to hear. In many cases this is one simple thing that will make you different from the myriad of other podcasts out there today. At New Pod City, there are no first time rookies here. Our audio team has an average of 12 years experience with podcasting, live music, audio book reads, and post production work. New Pod City is extremely focusd on details. As a result of us doing our work right, you won't notice any edits in you and/or your guests speech whatsoever. Yeah, we're that good. :)



You know you need to add ID3 tags to your podcast MP3 file before you publish. But how do you properly add ID3 tags?Which tags should you add and which ones can you ignore? Our special relationship with Apple Podcasts has availed to us a very smart and strategic process by which to properly assign ID3 tagging to your episodes exactly just like the leading podcasts do. ID3 tags are a way of storing information about your MP3 file (your podcast episode). It’s a standard that’s used by hardware and software developers around the world. When you listen to a podcast in applications such Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, you can see information such as the title, podcast name, host name, image of the podcast, etc. This information is all stored within the MP3 file using ID3 tags. You want people to find and subscribe to your show, right? The best way to do that is have great discover-ability in podcasting directories like Apple Podcasts, Pod Authority, Google Play, etc. Our ID3 Tagging servcice gives you just that! 



New Pod City Episode TranscriptionsA great bonus for podcasting is the opportunity to create a full transcript of each episode. Whether for the hearing impaired, those who would rather read vs. listen, or just the SEO value these are invaluable to a show. When we want to find a new podcast or to learn something, we ask. We ask our friends, we ask our co-workers, but most of all we ask Google. But there's a problem: Google isn't listening to your podcast. Even though they've created self-driving cars, voice assistants, and the best search engine of all time, Google still isn't searching audio files. By transcribing your podcast, you make it easy for Google to find. And that lets Google recommend your podcast to the people who would love to be listening.





Features PageTurn™ Plain PageTurn™ Pro PageTurn™ Platinum
Inserted Intro & Outro
Inserted Sponsor Promos
Inserted Segment Headers
Inserted Episode Score (if needed)
Basic Editing (Trimming)
Compressed Audio .mp3 Delivery
Transcribed Episode  
PageTurn™ Editing (aka Micro-Editing - removes 'Uhhhs', 'Ummms', Coughs, Sneezes, PageTurns, etc.)    
Tweetable Episode Quotes    
Social Media Episode Promo Graphics    
Prices .80 per minute $125. monthly $299. monthly


This service is not exclusive to the New Pod City Network, although podcasters on the NPC Network do get a discounted price.