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Recording Studio

New Pod City's Recording Studio is located within Base Camp Trenton on the ground floor. You can book a single 2 hour session or, through our partner Base Camp Trenton, you can get multiple (4) sessions for the price of 3! Purchase the package by clicking the "Book Multiple Sessions" button below & then wait a few seconds for PayPal to redirect you to a calendar where you'll pick your dates. 


If you're in or near the Mercer County, NJ area and need a studio to record your podcast in, New Pod City can help you! Our rates are extremely affordable and the studio is equipped with everything you need to sound amazing! 

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Studio Use *On Site Engineer (Optional but recommended)
$70.00 per session - (2 hours) $200. per session - (2 hours)

*Our Engineer:
Our engineer, Will Foskey, is a master at our mixer as well as audio design. He will work the New Pod City board freeing you up to just do your show. He will ensure your levels are exactly where they need to be so you and your guest(s) sound amazing. Payment to the engineer gets settled online the day before you record.